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Insurance & Fees

Acupuncture is a rapidly growing medical discipline, and many companies do cover expenses. Please check with your insurance company for specific coverage of acupuncture, we will provide you with the necessary billing information to file your claim. The weMED Clinic is joined with the Good Old Fashioned Doc Clinic. The following are our fees for office visits and lab work:

Office Visits

Initial Visit (includes Acupuncture treatment & Consultation, excluding tests) $195
Initial Comprehensive Evaluation (Consultation, Examination and Testing) $205
Follow-Up Visit/Per Session $95.00 - $135.00
Acupuncture Only $95.00
Electrical Stimulation, Infrared Heat $10.00 each
Moxibustion $20.00
Med-Light Therapy $30.00
Cupping $20.00
Heat Compressing $30.00
Auricular Acupressure $20.00
Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy/5 minutes $20.00
Meridian Massage/30 minutes $80.00
Comprehensive Re-exam $65.00
Standard Herbal Formulas $15.00-$35.00
Specialty Herbal Formulas/Supplements (weight loss) $65.00-$125.00
Therapeutic Procedures, Exercises and Qigong $20.00
Herbal Consult Only, no Acupuncture $65.00
Return after 6 months absence, extended consultation $65.00
House Call (Travel + After Hour, not including treatment) $150.00

Lab Work

Standard Screening Lab Package - $80
  • Lipid Panel (cholesterol screen)
  • Metabolic Panel (screens for diabetes and kidney and liver diseases)
  • Complete Blood Count (screens for anemia, infection, and blood diseases)
  • Urine Analysis (multi-system diagnostic screen)

  • Common Special Tests
  • EKG - $55 (assessment of cardiac symptoms)
  • PSA - $25 (prostate cancer screen)
  • TSH - $20 (thyroid function test)
  • FSH - $35 (assessment of menopausal control)
  • A1C - $25 (assessment of diabetic control)